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1. BIM Modelling

Our BIM Modelling service brings your architectural and engineering projects to life in a digital environment. Utilizing cutting-edge Building Information Modeling (BIM) software and techniques, we meticulously create accurate 3D models that seamlessly integrate all project data. From the initial conceptual stage to the comprehensive construction documentation phase, our BIM models span various Levels of Development (LOD), ensuring the utmost precision and attention to detail.
LOD 100
At LOD 100, we develop simplified BIM models that visualize the fundamental geometric shapes and massing of your project. These models serve as a basis for exploring the design concept and making informed early-stage decisions.
LOD 200
(Schematic Design):
Progressing to LOD 200, we refine the BIM models by incorporating more specific elements and components. This level of detail allows for spatial evaluation, basic analysis, and informed design development.
LOD 300
(Detailed Design):

Our focus at LOD 300 is on creating highly detailed BIM models that accurately represent the geometry, location, quantity, size, shape, and orientation of project elements. These models enable precise coordination, clash detection, and facilitate the generation of construction documentation.

LOD 350
(Construction Documentation and Coordination):
At LOD 350, we develop comprehensive BIM models tailored specifically for construction documentation and coordination purposes. These detailed models support effective collaboration between trades, clash detection, and construction sequencing, ultimately optimizing project efficiency and reducing conflicts.
LOD 500
Finally, at LOD 500, we capture and incorporate actual field data to produce accurate as-built BIM models. These models serve as reliable references for facility management, operations, and maintenance, ensuring seamless integration of digital and physical assets.

By harnessing our BIM Modelling service across various LODs, you benefit from meticulous accuracy, enhanced efficiency, and seamless collaboration throughout every phase of your project.

2. BIM Coordination

Effective coordination is pivotal to the success of complex construction projects. Our BIM Coordination service facilitates seamless collaboration among architects, engineers, contractors, and other stakeholders involved in the construction process. Leveraging advanced BIM software and our expertise in coordination workflows, we meticulously detect and resolve clashes and conflicts between various building systems before they manifest on-site.
Our team excels at producing construction coordination drawings that outline the integration of different building components, providing clarity and guidance during the construction process. By adopting our BIM Coordination service, you minimize rework, optimize construction efficiency, and elevate overall project outcomes.

3. Visualization for BIM

Our Visualization for BIM service merges artistic flair with technical expertise to transform your architectural designs into captivating visual representations. Combining our proficiency in architectural visualization with the power of BIM technology, we create immersive 3D renderings, virtual reality (VR) experiences, and walkthrough animations that breathe life into your designs.
These visually striking presentations enable you to showcase your projects in a compelling manner, fostering better communication, informed decision-making, and a deeper understanding of the final built environment. From clients to stakeholders and investors, our visually engaging visualizations leave a lasting impact.

4. Interior Design

Our Interior Design service harmonizes aesthetics, functionality, and user experience to create remarkable spaces. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or hospitality interiors, our team of experienced designers takes a holistic approach, meticulously understanding your vision, requirements, and branding.
We develop innovative and practical interior design solutions, incorporating space planning, lighting, materials, and furnishings with meticulous attention to detail. Our focus on delivering exceptional results ensures that every space we